Howard’s Diamond Center Offers Personal Touch


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Out of the many jewelry options Ohio Valley residents have at their disposal, Howard’s Diamond Center prides itself on having a unique collection of jewels, in addition to a unique style of business.

The business is also proud to have been named the Ohio Valley’s No. 1 jewelry store by readers of The Intelligencer and Wheeling News-Register.

“We are family owned and are an independent jeweler, which has a lot of benefits,” says Howard’s Diamond Center manager Franni Schiffer, who has worked at the store for eight years and enjoys the fact that the 95-year-old company is a family-owned business.

“While (our competitors) earn commission, we do not, which affects our guests’ shopping experience in a very positive way. We’re more concerned with what you like rather than how much you purchase,” Schiffer said. “If you spend $500 or $5,000, we will treat you exactly the same. We can fit any budget and any style.”

Howard’s Diamond Center offers a wide range of jewelry, from antique pendants to the Bolo bracelet.

“We have old diamond necklaces that are beautiful antiques, which we obtain through auctions and individuals. We also keep up with trends like the popular Bolo bracelets, which are nice because you can put them on yourself rather than needing help,” Schiffer said.

According to Schiffer, Howard’s also offers exclusive diamonds that cannot be purchased anywhere else in the area, such as the L’amour Crisscut diamond. This model has a unique design which closely resembles an emerald diamond, but at an extensive price cut.

Howard’s Diamond Center offers custom orders, as well.

“We can make anything you want. You can even draw a picture and we can create that for you. Our diamonds are made well, (so) it is easy to sell something you love and are proud of,” Schiffer said.

Howard’s Diamond Center will also have Black Friday deals this holiday season.

“We are offering doorbuster deals and we will be opening an hour earlier. Our beautiful sterling silver earrings will be offered at a reduced price as well,” said Schiffer.

The sterling silver earrings, which are normally priced at $19.99, will be on sale for $5.95 on Black Friday.

“These earrings are a no-fail gift and are the perfect stocking stuffer,” Schiffer said.

Schiffer said being a family-owned business makes it more customer-oriented than other jewelry stores.

“Our customers are our friends and family. This is a different job than any other because I get to speak to different wonderful people every day, and no day is the same,” he said.

Howard’s Diamond Center performs most of the work locally and provides credit options for its customers.

“We offer credit if our guests want it, but we do not press it upon them like larger companies do,” Schiffer said.

She says Howard’s Diamond Center is unique and that it is the ideal place to not only purchase top quality jewelry, but to have a great shopping experience. “There are so many cool things at HDC and I love working here. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”


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