New Zooperstars Will Entertain During Parade

WHEELING — What is 9 feet tall, can dance like a pro and bring smiles to the faces of all ages?

It is a member of the Zooperstars, of course. These larger than life inflatable animalistic superstars share their fun and lively antics for parades, festivals and other events year round across the country.

And for the sixth consecutive year, three Zooperstars will take to the streets of downtown Wheeling for the annual 2016 Perkins Restaurant & Bakery Fantasy in Lights Parade this Friday evening.

There will be one familiar and two new and already popular Zooperstars in the parade this year. They include Kevin Duranteater and Tommy Laswordfish, who are new to the program, and Harry Canary who is coming off the Chicago Cubs’ World Series win.

Zooperstars’ spokeswoman Stephanie Fish said while the Zooperstars costumes are oversized, the bulk of the costumes are filled with air which allows for easier movement.

“They will stop and perform a choreographed dance routine during the parade. The crowd really seems to love this and we look forward to coming again to Wheeling,” Fish said.


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