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Paul Brothers, Wives, Mark 40 Years

Jack Paul and his brother, Worthy, both of Wheeling, and their wives celebrated their 40th wedding anniversaries.

Both couples were married in 1981. On Feb. 14 of that year, Jack married Anne Hatten in Wheeling, and on June 6, Worthy married Sharon Marano in Fairmont, W.Va.

Jack and Anne have two children, Melissa (Chris) and Adam; and three grandchildren, Emily, Sylus and Myla.

Jack retired from working as an RN for 35 years at several different institutions and retired from an administrative position at the VA in Pittsburgh. Anne taught in Ohio County Schools for 35 years and retired as the Math Department head at Bridge Street Middle School. Anne continues to do math tutoring and enjoys scrapbooking.

Worthy and Sharon have three children, Shawn (Jodi), Gavin (Rachel) and Jessamine (Jan); with two grandsons, Corey and Leo Minzi.

Worthy retired as an assistant prosecutor in Wetzel County and continues as a senior status magistrate in the state of West Virginia. He is the pastor of Through the Word Church. Sharon homeschooled her children and recently retired as an RN supervisor after 16 years at Good Shepherd Nursing Home in Wheeling.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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