Drug Take Back Day Is Saturday


Have unused, unneeded prescription medication hanging out in your medicine cabinet? Responsible people want to make sure they do the right thing in disposing of those items, and it is not always easy to decide how to do that. But this weekend is National Prescription Drug Take Back Day — a ...

Protect Youth Referees


Ohio lawmakers are working on legislation that would make assaulting a referee a crime. To be clear, assault already is a crime in Ohio. But perhaps that’s the problem. Too many choose not to think of referees as fellow citizens when something as monumentally important as organized youth ...

Program Not Wise Use of Tax Dollars


Leave it to elected officials to figure out new and creative ways to spend your tax dollars. Apparently, some of our local municipalities are so flush with cash from the various federal COVID-19 rescue plans that now, with what seems to be no other useful way to spend your money, leaders ...

Making the Right Choice


Looking for yet another reason to get the COVID-19 vaccine? A Cleveland Clinic patient recently was told his life-saving kidney transplant would have to be delayed because the donor is unvaccinated. According to a report by another media outlet, the Ohio man is in debilitating pain because of ...

Federal Judges Not Above Law


People attending a school board or municipal government meeting often are puzzled when a member of one of those elected bodies chooses to abstain from voting on an issue. Perhaps, most of those people soon learn that the abstention was the means by which the member in question made the ...

Tackle Alcohol Abuse


When Ohioans think about the substance abuse epidemic, they are likely thinking about opioids or methamphetamine. But there is another substance affecting Buckeye State residents — increasingly so as depression and anxiety related to the COVID-19 pandemic have led some to attempt ...