Off to the Right Start With Federal Funds


For a city of 27,000 residents, Wheeling has cultural amenities that far surpass many of its larger neighbors. We believe allocating a little more than $3 million of the city’s American Rescue Plan proceeds to organizations that help to keep Wheeling as a regional tourism and destination ...

Patrolling Friendly Skies


Most drivers tend to believe they are familiar with the ways in which law enforcement tries to keep us all safer on the roads. Speed checks, DUI checkpoints, patrolling to keep an eye out for distracted driving ... those traditional methods are being joined by a new effort in the ...

Punish Those Who Deal Pills


It would be easy to assume, so many years after the over-prescription of opioid painkillers became one of the triggers of today’s substance abuse epidemic, that those “legal” drug dealers have learned their lesson and are no longer fueling the problem. That would be a mistake. In fact, ...

Fund Ohio’s Preschools


Buckeye State residents understand our future depends on giving our children a good education. And, more research indicates, the building of that foundation begins in the pre-school stage. Yet Ohio is 33rd in the nation for state spending on pre-schoolers, according to the National ...

VA Reforms Are Wrong for W.Va.


We already knew proposals by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs would do more harm than good for West Virginia veterans, but state Veterans Assistance Secretary Ted Diaz hammered the point home. He warned members of the state legislature’s Select Committee on Veterans’ Affairs about ...

Overdose Deaths Rising


As we step back from the sense of urgency with which we had been discussing the COVID-19 pandemic, an old plague is back in the spotlight. The substance abuse epidemic in our region has haunted us all this time, but a frightening new poison has made its way into the Buckeye State. Ohio ...