Life Is Better With A Pet

Aunt Mary had one. She was a small, black poodle named Mori. Not sure how she spelled the dog’s name but I recall her talking to him as if he were human and the dog likewise responding.

Aunt Mary never married and lived with her widowed mother until her passing.

Their McColloch Street home was a combination of old-time decor with crocheted lace doilies lining the open kitchen shelves and handmade afghans on the living room furniture. There was always a bowl of candy nearby and something good cooking on the stove.

And there was Mori. Mary’s pet dog was the one thing that made her smile the most in her life. At least I noticed she was happiest interacting with that little canine. They filled a niche in each other’s lives.

Red Jorden had one. After the death of his wife, Red moved into a smaller place and acquired a pet dog that went everywhere with him.

Everyone knew Red and his four-legged best friend he called Buddy as they took their daily walks through the Edgington Lane area. That dog was the light of his life — no offense to Red’s many children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

The dog gave Red a new outlook to his retired life without his spouse and a house once filled with children.

I have known others who have enjoyed pet ownership, whether it was cats, dogs, hamsters or fish. Each pet symbolized something interesting and unique about their owners.

There have been scores of books written about pets and some of the most prized movies are stories that include animals. From “Old Yeller” to “Snoopy, Come Home,” movies with dogs have been a part of our growing years.

Some make us laugh while others are handkerchief-worthy of our tears. Losing a pet, no matter the age or circumstances is not easy. Our pets become part of the family and in some cases, our only family.

Pets can communicate their love for us with a simple gesture of placing a paw on a knee or licking the tears from a sad face.

It’s proven that our pets can lower blood pressure, reduce our waist size and allow us to feel needed.

It is no wonder animals are therapeutic to healing bodies and minds.

They give so much and expect nothing but love in return. Seems the animal kingdom knows more about living a good life than we give them credit for.


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