Good Manners Are For the Road, Too

Today’s Sound Off is about bad driving habits.

Dear Heloise: All cars come with turn signal capabilities, so why is it some drivers never seem to use them? I nearly had an accident today when a driver didn’t use his signals to indicate that he was changing lanes. I may have been in his blind spot, which is all the more reason to signal that he was changing lanes.

Then there are the drivers who do not pull over when they hear or see an ambulance or fire truck behind them. In many cases a few minutes can mean the difference between life and death to the person in an ambulance. So holding up any emergency vehicle is selfish beyond belief.

Where have our manners gone when we’re on the road? — Howard K., Winchester, Tenn.


* New uses for old typewriters:

* Hang on a wall as a collection.

* Use the keys to create wall art.

* Disassemble the parts and make jewelry from them.

* Place in a garage sale; there are many collectors today.


Dear Heloise: Please help! I am a bachelor and need to know how to clean “ring around the collar.” Nothing I do does any good. — Bob C., Studio City, Calif.

Bob, first you’ll need to remove the grease. To do that, soak the collar (or the whole shirt) in a liquid dishwashing soap with a generous amount of the soap worked into the collar. Make sure the water is hot, and leave it for at least an hour. Once the grease is out (do not let the shirt dry), spray a generous amount of a prewash spray on the stain and use your finger pads to work it into the fabric in gentle circular motions. Wash the shirt as usual. If this does not get your shirt as spotless as you’d like, you might have to take it to a dry cleaner for professional help. Here’s a hint for you: Use an antiperspirant around your neck to help prevent ring around the collar. — Heloise


Dear Heloise: As the very busy wife of a minister with another demanding full-time job, I was often frustrated by calls from lonely people who could talk nonstop for hours. I finally got myself off the hook by setting my oven timer upon receiving such calls and placing it near the telephone. After 10 or 15 minutes, I expressed my regrets and said: “Oops! I have to go. My oven timer just went off.” Not exactly a lie but pretty close. And no frustration for me. — Gloria D., Fort Wayne, Ind.


Dear Heloise: I love reading your handy tips. I have an easy tip for watering my potted plants because of the drought in Southern California. I use leftover ice cubes from my husband’s lunch cooler to save water. I place them in the potted plants outside. — Sandy S., Riverside, Calif.


Dear Readers: As the holidays approach, let’s all remember to wear our masks, wash our hands frequently and stay happy and healthy for the coming new year. — Heloise


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