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Spring Enters An Open Window

I awoke to what sounded like the repetitive ringing of a telephone from half a century ago. When fully awake, I realized the sound I heard was that of an ambitious woodpecker at work on a tree in the nearby woods.

This sound was complimented by the voices of numerous spring gobblers making their morning trek through the yard to scrounge seed from beneath the bird feeders. They would have to share their feeding space with a brave squirrel that makes this location her personal buffet.

A light breeze carried the sounds in through the window. These are the rewards on a warm spring morning after sleeping with the window open. I know this will not be the norm for at least another month. I see that temperatures will fall into the 50s after the weekend. Yet I won’t turn down the opportunity to enjoy the fresh, country air and the noises that come with it when offered.

Spring has truly sprung. The daffodils are up and the tulips are still trying to decide whether to bloom or provide lunch for wandering deer. I’m hoping at least one of the bulbs will break through and reward us for our planting work last fall.

The neighboring yard is sporting two gloriously bright-white flowering trees, another sign that it is truly a new season. Another neighbor reported that numerous calves born in late winter are faring well among the herd. The horses across the road are losing their winter coverings and look shiny new in the morning sun.

These routine spring happenings remind me that it is important to embrace the simple things that life offers. Perhaps I find more appreciation now than ever before because of the past year of sacrifice and loss.

That’s also why I elected to attend a blood drive last week. It was the one thing I knew I could do that could and would make a difference in someone else’s life. And you meet the nicest people at blood drives. They are folks who share your belief in the system. They do something so simple that provides life-giving blood to complete strangers.

The blood drive I attended was held at Oglebay Park’s Wilson Lodge. Wow, just getting there meant a drive through the gem of a city park. As I drove I saw the greening hillsides, golfers on tees and people of all ages enjoying the amenities of the welcoming outdoor spaces.

The blood drive experience was flawless with a wonderful young man drawing my coveted O negative gift of life. The room was bright, and the staff instituted every safety precaution, cleaning and sanitizing each location. I felt I was where I needed to be.

As a bonus, I ran into a former grade school and high school classmate who also was there to give blood. What an unexpected pleasure to catch up with him.

If you are considering making a blood donation or volunteering for the American Red Cross, go for it. I guarantee it will make the sounds of spring even sweeter.

Heather Ziegler can be reached via email at hziegler@theintelligencer.net.


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