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Unplugged And Loving It

It is common knowledge that as we grow older, our memories are not always firing on all cylinders.

As hard as we try, sometimes we can’t recall pieces of our youth or even what we ate for breakfast.

Some folks say they can’t recall any parts of their childhood under the age of 5.

Yet I can tell you that at age 3, I can still remember the first time my parents walked me and four siblings up the wide, wooden front steps of the house we would call home for decades.

After that day, memories are scattered among backyard swings, welcoming dogs to the family and understanding that a playpen would always be part of the living room decor.

Yet I recently found that it was a simple game of kickball with our young grandchildren that brought back memories of carefree summer days of my own youth.

When spending a weekend with the grandkids, we were thrilled when they wanted to get outside and play kickball instead of watching a video.

Our granddaughter rummaged around the garage until she found just the right things to make the bases for the game.

Sides were chosen among the neighborhood youngsters who heard the commotion and wanted to join in.

The game commenced amid giggles and shouts as each of us took turns at kicking the ball in the warm blades of grass.

Of course, much to the kids’ delight, they out ran their senior teammates as they made their way around the bases.

Despite the morning heat and humidity, we played on until it was necessary to enjoy a freeze pop in the shade of the garage door.

It was a simple game that included a ball, a field of grass and happy kids.

And the outdoor activities continued as bikes and helmets came out and soon a myriad of riders traversed the cul-de-sac under our watchful eye.

Later more youngsters joined in and they devised a make-believe game that included building a fort in the driveway using lawn chairs and beach towels.

Imaginations were the only tools they needed to enjoy hours of fun.

Maybe it was this past year of isolation that brought about so much of this outdoor play.

There was no mention of iPads or computer games.

These kids were enjoying the summer offerings Mother Nature had to give.

And give she did with a sunny day during which kids could spread their wings and make memories to recall years from now.

It doesn’t get any better than that.

Heather Ziegler can be reached via email at hziegler@theintelligencer.net.


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