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Lesson Learned At Lowe’s

A recent trip to Lowe’s in Wheeling has renewed my belief that people are just nicer in this valley. Case in point: our purchase of the day included two large sheets of plywood. After the sticker shock, I was offering to help my better half maneuver the sheets into a cart when two gentlemen stepped in to provide assistance.

These two guys didn’t work there; they were there on their own mission to purchase items to complete a project. The wood shavings on their shirts gave a hint as to their work.

These two good Samaritans would not allow me to handle the plywood, thus preventing me the inevitable splinters that would have resulted. They assisted us all the way to the checkout.

Funny? These two self-appointed helpers joked and laughed along with us as I mentioned the plywood pieces were now considered Christmas gifts due to their cost. We thanked them for their assistance and wished them a good day.

But the good deeds of the day did not stop there. As we wheeled our precious cargo to our pickup, another man about to drive away from the lot, stopped and offered us assistance to wrangle the awkward plywood pieces into our vehicle. It took less than three minutes but it certainly sped up the process without me getting in the way. Again, thanks were exchanged.

Of course, we could have managed on our own, but the added assistance so freely offered made our trip to Lowe’s a more pleasant experience.

As I thought about our shopping trip, it occurred to me that this was the perfect jumping off point I needed to get into the holiday season of giving and receiving.

Up until then, thoughts of tackling holiday shopping lists, putting up a Christmas tree or baking cookies had been put on the back burner.

Maybe the crisp, cold temperatures helped make the spirits brighter, too.

So I started paying attention to store windows and holiday menu items on sale at the grocery stores.

And since most retailers have had holiday decorations in place even before Halloween, I have been nudged into the decorating mood.

It was time, I said, to shake off the cobwebs of last year’s pandemic-influenced holidays and gather for Thanksgiving.

And the next day, that box holding a lovely Christmas tree in the basement will be unpacked once again and bring forth the full feeling of the season. It didn’t make it out of the box last year.

By the time you read this column, I will have delved into box after box of now-antique ornaments, angel figurines and all the colorful baubles that will adorn the tree.

I will have watched at least three new Hallmark Christmas movies to further my drive to deck the halls.

The wish lists of others will come to the forefront of my shopping tasks. It’s time to drop a donation into the Red Kettles and donate a warm coat to someone in need.

Suddenly the kindness of three strangers reminds me of the reason for this season. Thanks again, fellas.

Heather Ziegler can be reached via email at hziegler@theintelligencer.net.


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