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Only Time Will Tell

Sitting before me on the desk where I am composing this column is an assortment of wall calendars. Most of them have been given to us and one I purchased on a whim at a dollar store simply because I liked the colorful flowers on each page. I also chose this calendar for the large squares on each date that allow for making notations of birthdays and other important dates.

Paree Insurance has provided two lovely calendars after we attended a program about Medicare and such complicated topics. The first calendar depicts landscapes of America. There are photos of forests, mountains and water features stretching from Washington State to Maine. There is a photo of Blackwater Falls State Park in its full splendor of autumn colors that are found each year in West Virginia.

The second calendar is titled “Celebrate America.” I like this one in particular because it shows me places I have yet to visit and their significance to our heritage. For instance, there is an artsy photo of the Liberty Bell that I have not seen in person. Another photo is of a white barn with a large American flag painted on its side. In the background there appears to be snow-covered mountains. It looks like someplace I would enjoy visiting,

There is a church calendar with the dates of the Holy Days of Obligation and the names of saints honored on certain days. It defines the Catholic Church’s liturgical year that begins on the first Sunday in Advent.

All of the above calendars can be hung on the wall, on the bulletin board or even the refrigerator as we choose. Our M. O’Herron and Company calendars, provided by our son Jamie’s workplace in Pittsburgh, serve as desk calendars for a quick reference while writing out bills or addressing birthday cards.

In the past, former colleague Phyllis and I would seek out those small stick-on calendars that some businesses would hand out at Christmas. Whichever one of us found them first would make sure we collected enough for others in the office. These calendars were perfect to attach to the side of our workplace computers. And having easy access to a calendar was and is essential in the news business. I’m still looking for a few of those calendars but have not had much success.

Another favorite calendar that I have kept is long expired in its usefulness but has become a treasured keepsake. One of my nieces, Jennifer, compiled a calendar of all family birthdays — a major task. Of course, the calendar has grown immensely since and needs updated as second and third generations continue to multiply.

I’m hopeful that 2022 will allow me to pencil in more activities on all my calendars than the COVID pandemic had allowed in the past 18 months. I guess I will just have to wait and see. The calendars are open and my pen is poised … Happy New Year to all!

Heather Ziegler can be reached via email at hziegler@theintelligencer.net.


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