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Collectors Enjoy Easter Sweets From Yesteryear

Though not as plentiful as Christmas collectibles, Easter items are a collectible category in their own right. In fact, rabbits stand alone as a collectible and include examples that are made of cloth, plastic, glass, pewter and paper-mache.

Candy containers are another big collectible. Germany made the first composition candy containers in the shapes of Easter rabbits, ducks and chicks. These lovely old candy containers and statues are sought after in antiques shops and secondhand stores everywhere.

Germany continued to be tops in most Easter novelties till World War II. Today collectors recognize the quality found in these antique treasures, which reflect an era long-ago when quality was an important point of manufacturing pride.

The items shown in today’s column include a lovely paper-mache bunny that stands about nine inches tall and reminds me of some of my favorite children’s books, the tales of Beatrice Potter. Pastel painted, it was made in Germany.

Another item shown today is newer, the Ohio Art metal rabbit pulling a cart. This Easter toy remains in great shape today and is colorful and perky looking.

Just as lovely is the heavy glass candy dish that looks like a rabbit with a backpack strapped to his shoulders. Dating to the mid-20th century, this glass dish is an example of the many rabbit images produced in glass over the last 100 years or so.

Others have included cake pans, vegetable tureens and toothpick holders. According to the experts, rabbits with painted-on clothes or attached fabric clothes bring more than the plain brown or white bunnies. With paper items remembered, examples must be in mint or near mint condition to be valuable.

The composition Easter egg shown in today’s column is also German made and includes straw inside to hide treats in. I recall my mother having several of these and I still own one that I display on my mantle during the Easter season.

Spun sugar eggs are one of my favorites and these charming eggs feature a hole in one end of a pretty sugar egg, with a miniature scene inside for a child to enjoy. I had an old one from my childhood that broke after dozens of years of use and was pleased to find a newer version to replace it now in my collection.

Another fun Easter collectible is postcards. The art and illustrations on antique postcards are beyond compare! Beautiful religious images, sweet family scenes and whimsical animal illustrations make antique Easter postcards fun to display and enjoy. Plus, these Easter traditions are inexpensive to buy!

Other paper items like animal stand-ups with honeycomb paper bases also populate the antique Easter world. Garlands, foldout cards, paper cutouts — just about any spring-like decoration from the past excite these Easter enthusiasts.

And of course, vintage springtime cookie cutters are great too.

There are so many examples of antique and vintage Easter and springtime collectibles, you may have a hard time deciding what you like best! But it’s fun trying, so enjoy this season of newness in an old (antique) way.


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