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No One Likes A Tease

Last weekend’s brief warm-almost-hot spell was enough to convince me that spring is my least favorite season. Now before you fine readers tell me how glorious this season can be with its tulips and daffodils, spring showers and the smell of that first mowed lawn, allow me my opinion.

I agree all of those things and more including Easter bunnies and the shouts of umpires on ballfields are great. It’s nice to feel the warmth of the sun and a light breeze that sends kites flying.

I was caught up in all that spring fever last weekend, except that it all came crashing to a halt when the mid-week weather forecast included high temps in the 40s and lows below freezing.

I, too, had broken out the shorts and flip flops. I opened the screen door that now beckoned stink bugs and flies to adhere themselves to it in hopes of coming inside. Perhaps they already knew the day’s warmth was fleeting. I completed my inaugural grass cutting with pride. I washed the car and oversaw the hubby relocating some bushes.

For those lucky enough to have a garage, you understand the significance of cleaning out the winter cinders and putting things in order for the new season. As I swept the garage floor, there were remnants of the previous two seasons. Brittle leaves hid in the corners, blown in by the cold gusts of winds that ushered in last fall. Strands of colored tinsel that escaped the trash can after Christmas clung to the sweeper and were soon banished from the garage.

The garden hose, once frozen in place, sprang to life much like the hibernating snakes that awaken at the sound of spring thunderstorms. I dusted off the grill and readied it for the season.

I fed the rose bushes a bit of nourishment and checked the flower garden for signs of bulbs that may have escaped the deer and chipmunks. None had. Experience has told us that April is just too soon in the Ohio Valley to consider planting the perennials. Mother’s Day has always been the starting point for such things. So I put the seed packets of zinnias and sunflowers back on the kitchen counter.

My real complaint about spring is how it teases us. I have twice attempted to put away the winter coat and gloves only to reach for them time and again in April.

The summer sheers are still hanging in the closet as heavier curtains continue to keep the cold at bay. The lawn chairs remain on hiatus in the basement until we’re sure that last snowflakes have flown until next fall.

I know all of this can change in a matter of hours. We can go from humming furnaces to whirling fans in a day. I’d just like to spring forward into summer and get on with it already. Enough with the teasing temperatures!

Heather Ziegler can be reached via email at hziegler@theintelligencer.net.


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