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Green Is The Grass In Warwood

The sky has been gray an awful lot of the time in recent weeks. Rain has inserted itself into many of our afternoon and evening plans. Some of the national news reports have been just as dark with a few political thunderstorms thrown in for good measure.

So one day this week I made an effort to find something positive, something to smile about during my mundane trip to the grocery store. And just like that, it happened.

I was shopping at the Kroger store in Warwood on one of those hot, muggy, threatening-to-storm days. Grocery shopping isn’t on the top of my list of favorite things to do so I tend to grab what I need and get out quickly.

As I was leaving the store with several bags weighing me down, a man was entering the store. He was a visually challenged individual using a white cane who was trying to make his way to the service counter. He was struggling a bit because the entrance and exit were busy with customers. Before I could lend assistance, a lovely woman approached the man and asked if she could help him. He agreed. She took his arm, and they made their way to his destination. I thanked her for the generous act of humanity that she was showing.

I wasn’t really surprised at this demonstration of kindness. There are a lot of good people who live and work in the Warwood neighborhood. Those Warwood Lions Club members are very active in keeping up the morale of the community via their various events and holiday programs.

Then there is the farmers’ market held every Tuesday during the growing season that brings a nice crowd to the green space known as Garden Park. Adjacent to the park is a ballfield, playground and public swimming pools. I love the atmosphere at that pool and can’t believe how reasonable the prices are at the concession stand.

The city’s Toe Tappin’ Tuesday concert series is held at the park as well throughout the summer and is a crowd pleaser. I can attest to the quality of the entertainment. I recently attended a concert featuring the group Poor Man’s Heaven. There was nothing poor about it. The music of the ’60s and ’70s was well received by the baby boomer crowd that filled the lawn. And for once the rain held off.

Warwood has an interesting history long before it became a part of the city of Wheeling. It has always been a place where people could work, play and live within walking distance of their neighbors.

A drive through the various numbered streets offers a glimpse at every-day middle America. Most houses are well cared for with attention to lawns and backyard gardens. Patriotism is alive here. American flags are waving everywhere along with school pride banners and signs.

Kids ride bicycles to school.

Congregations of varied faiths can be found in the beautiful churches in Warwood where “love thy neighbor” is not just preached, but lived. Church suppers, helping the needy and looking out for others are common denominators that unite each congregation.

Wheeling has plenty of great places to visit. If you need a bright moment on another gray day, take a ride to Warwood and soak in the sunshine that lives there.

Heather Ziegler can be reached via email at hziegler@theintelligencer.net.


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