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Fabio’s Pizza Continues to Satisfy Customers for Nearly 25 Years

ST. CLAIRSVILLE — Offering a variety of Sicilian, Napolitana and Chicago style pizza, calzones, stombolis, salads, pasta and a variety of sandwiches — Fabio’s Pizza owner Tom Cracolici says it’s the customer loyalty for the past 25 years that has allowed his business to stand the test of time — only now customers can order ahead and have the food delivered by visiting the www.EatInNow.com restaurant delivery service.

Located just inside the front entrance of the Ohio Valley Mall in St. Clairsville, Fabio’s offers a large variety of homemade Italian dishes, according to Cracolici.

“Everything we make is from scratch. Everything is fresh. They love our food … and they are satisfied with our service,” commented Cracolici, who has seen return customers on a daily basis for more than two decades now. “I’m just satisfied with the customers who eat here over and over and that means a lot to me,” Cracolici said. “We’ve been busy. I cherish our customers loyalty. It has been amazing,” Cracolici added.

Customers approaching the front counter are able to view and smell an array of freshly made pizzas, calzones, and pepperoni rolls on display behind a glass countertop. The restaurant seats nearly 80 customers. Cracolici said while they still accept coupons from the local newspapers, coupons apply for pick-up orders only. For delivery or to place an order ahead visit www.EatInNow.com, or for more information about their menu call 740-695-9196.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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