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Learn How WV Changed The Medical Profession

WHEELING — How West Virginia Transformed the Medical Profession will be discussed at noon Tuesday during the Ohio County Public Library’s weekly Lunch With Books program in downtown Wheeling.

Dr. William Neal, WVU School of Medicine, will discuss the landmark Supreme Court case of Dent vs. WV, and how Wheeling’s Dr. James Reeves helped transform medical practice into a legally recognized profession, as detailed in his book, “Quiet Advocate: Edward J. Van Liere’s Influence on Medical Education in West Virginia” (West Virginia & Regional History Center, WVU Libraries, 2017).

Neal, a native of Huntington, earned a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Xavier University, Cincinnati, and his MD degree from West Virginia University, where he was the first recipient of the Edward J. Van Liere Award for medical student research.

Lunch With Books is the library’s flagship program for adult patrons. These lunchtime programs feature authors, poets, musicians, historians and more at noon every Tuesday.

Complimentary beverages are provided. Bring your lunch and feed your brain.

Call the Ohio County Public Library at 304-232-0244 or visit the library’s website at www.ohiocountylibrary.org for additional information.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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