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Grow Ohio Valley Offering Summer Farmers Markets in Wheeling

Grow Ohio Valley opened its East Wheeling farm stand for the season this week, which will offer locally sourced produce, honey, jams and baked goods throughout the summer.

In its fourth year, the stand will operate on a weekly basis every Wednesday through October. Business hours will feature performances from area artists and activities to entertain shoppers. Grow Ohio Valley Executive Director Ken Peralta said the organization is as much committed to community engagement as it is to nutritious food.

“It makes it fun,” Peralta said. “You can come over on a lunch break or with your kid, and have a little experience.”

For its opening, local hip-hop artist Joshua Elias offered attendees a sampling of his songs. Kids hula hooped in the street to the music.

New this year, Grow OV will accommodate Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program participants by offering produce at a 50 percent discount. Peralta said this was made possible by a private donor.

He said there’s an unfortunate correlation between low-income residents and poor health. The stand, as well as a mobile farmers’ market Grow Ohio Valley will soon open for the season, aim to bring fruits and vegetables to individuals in areas with the most need, Peralta said.

Grow Ohio Valley will partner with Wheeling Health Right on July 14 for its first mobile market. Health Right physicians will be there to share nutrition knowledge with shoppers.

The East Wheeling farm stand can be found at 15th and Jacob Street on Wednesdays from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. For information on the mobile market, visit growov.org.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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