Still No Timetable for Dog Park To Reopen in Wheeling

Photo by Joselyn King Gates to the Fitzsimmons Family Dog Park: A PetSafe Park in East Wheeling remain closed because of the wet and snowy weather.

Even before snow lightly covered the ground this week, Wheeling’s dog park had closed because it’s been raining cats and dogs in the Ohio Valley.

The gates to the Fitzsimmons Family Dog Park: A PetSafe Park in East Wheeling have been shut since Nov. 5, when Wheeling officials determined the area was too wet and muddy and needed to dry out. New sod was placed in the park last spring.

“The park is still closed until further notice,” said Philip Stahl, public information officer for the Wheeling Police Department. “It’s all weather dependent. When it will reopen is unknown at this time.”

The dog park is at the Tunnel Green Recreation Complex, which is visible from W.Va. 2 and Interstate 70. It is among 30 public spaces and 22 playgrounds maintained through the city of Wheeling’s park system.

The dog park is near the city’s Heritage Trail walking path, and cars can access it from 18th Street.

It has two separate areas — one for larger breeds and one for smaller breeds. Each section has its own water and waste stations, walking trail and benches.

Organizers raised about $150,000 for construction of the park, which opened 13 months ago.

City officials first closed the park in March following reports of dogs cutting their paws on glass that was surfacing on the grass. The original grass next was killed with herbicide, and new sod was placed. The sod was paid for by the Fitzsimmons family at no additional cost to taxpayers.

The park reopened in July.


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