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6 Arrested in Prostitution Sting in Glen Dale

At least six people have been arrested in a prostitution sting in Glen Dale over the past six weeks, and investigators said Tuesday charges could still be filed against more people.

The Glen Dale Police Department opened its investigation in March after seeing a posting by a city woman on a website known for soliciting prostitution.

Police began investigating the woman, Cortnie Ann Clark, 30, and monitored activity around her house at 620 Glen Haven Ave., according to court filings.

On June 2, officers watching the house stopped a vehicle that had just left and questioned its driver, who admitted to engaging in sex with Clark in exchange for money. He agreed to cooperate with police and allowed investigators to look at his cell phone, which showed text messages agreeing to the encounter, along with several other meetings.

Glen Dale Police Officer Ezekiel Goddard, who is leading the investigation, on June 14 charged Clark with operating a house of ill fame and assignation and prostitution. She is free on $2,000 bond while awaiting her pre-trial hearing Aug. 14 in Marshall County Magistrate Court.

Her attorney, David White of Moundsville, did not immediately return a phone call seeking comment Tuesday.

Following her arrest, police searched Clark’s phone and found text messages to other men. Since her arrest, police have charged five men with conspiracy, house of ill fame and assignation and prostitution in connection with the investigation.

The first man to be charged was Albert Richard Ingram, 80, of Moundsville, who was arrested June 21. Police said Ingram and Clark began communicating Oct. 5 and continued messaging each other on multiple occasions through early June. Ingram also helped Clark post her solicitation ad on a website April 17 when her phone was malfunctioning, police said. Clark asked Ingram to continue posting her advertisement on the website each day, offering him a discount for her services, according to court documents.

Eugene Joseph McClure, 52, of Moundsville was charged June 24 after police said he first messaged Clark on May 9 discussing her half-hour and hourly rates. Their conversations continued through June 14 when Clark said she was glad McClure “became a regular” and that she hoped to see him again, court documents indicate. He is free on $4,000 bond, and his hearing is set for Aug. 21.

Spencer Phillip Atkinson, 30, of Wheeling was charged June 26 after police said he texted Clark on June 14 — just before Clark’s arrest — and discussed arranging a meeting, although police did not indicate if they met that day. Atkinson is out on $2,500 bond while he awaits his hearing Aug. 29.

Justin Matthew Stocklask, 29, of Moundsville, was charged July 15 after investigators said they found text messages to Clark asking them to meet on multiple occasions going back to October. He is free on $4,500 bond and is schedule for a hearing Aug. 22.

Christopher Ryan Bartsch, 36, of McMechen, also was charged July 15 and accused of texting Clark multiple times in October to set up meetings. He is free on $4,500 bond ahead of his hearing Sept. 10.

Police said Tuesday the investigation remains open and more charges could be filed against additional people.


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