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Tecnocap Lockout Upheld by Labor Group

GLEN DALE – The National Labor Relations Board has affirmed an earlier decision that Glen Dale-based Tecnocap LLC engaged in illegal union-busting when it locked out 70 union employees for nine days in early 2018.

The ruling Monday requires Tecnocap to pay employees who were locked out between March 12 through 21 last year any lost wages plus interest during that time because of the lockout, which violated federal labor laws, at the plant.

The board also ordered the company to compensate impacted employees for their “search-for-work and interim employment expenses” during that time.

The company must also remove any reference to the lockout and notify its employees that it will not be used against them, as well as other orders such as providing signage notifying employees of their right to join, form or assist a union.

The board’s ruling affirms an April 5 order issued by NLRB Administrative Law Judge Michael Rosas that found Tecnocap management violated federal labor laws by locking out union employees with United Steelworkers, while allowing those who resigned their membership to return to work. Tecnocap also was found to have unlawfully implemented a change in the scope of the bargaining unit, which was confirmed by the board’s ruling this week.

Lisa Wilds, president of USW Local 152M, said Tecnocap did not comply with Rosas’ ruling and does not expect it to abide by it now. She said the company took illegal steps in an attempt to bust the union and “chill” membership.

“Everything we won, through arbitration, (Tecnocap) hasn’t complied,” Wilds said. “We’re excited, obviously (about the NLRB ruling), but we’re not surprised.”

Bargaining between Tecnocap and the union were held several times between October 2017 and March 2018, before negotiations broke down.

Officials with the United Steelworkers said Tuesday collective bargaining with Tecnocap will resume Friday. Company representatives could not be reached for comment Tuesday.


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