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Triadelphia Students ‘Get a Life’

State Farm Insurance Agent Chad Broadwater speaks to Triadelphia Middle School student Lane Kendzerski during Tuesday’s “Get a Life” program in the school’s gymnasium.

WHEELING – Students at Triadelphia Middle School on Tuesday got a hands-on financial learning experience during the school’s “Get a Life” program.

Triadelphia Middle School welcomed West Virginia Treasury Regional Marketing Manager Jenny Jebbia and local business leaders for the “Get a Life” program held in the school’s gymnasium. Jebbia said the simulation is a comprehensive financial education initiative that offers students a firsthand approach to financial education by allowing students to earn a salary, budget their monthly bills and shop for essentials.

Triadelphia Middle Principal Ann Coleman said the program involves many things students learn in the classroom, and it shows them how those lessons apply in the real world. She said “Get a Life” helps students understand the financial situations their parents must deal with and the important decisions they have to make.

Coleman said it is a fun event, but it shows students what they will face in life as an adult. Parents, local businesses and local business and organizations are also involved in the “Get A Life.”

Coleman thanked Triadelphia Middle School Assistant Principal Drew Villani for organizing “Get a Life” for the students. She said she spoke to students after the event. Coleman said they told her they enjoyed the program, and they also found it to be a great learning experience.

“It’s an important program because it offers real-world lessons,” Coleman said. “The students learn the importance of managing their finances, and they also learn what is involved in deciding to pursue a post-secondary education. Our parents were involved, and it also involved some of our local businesses. ‘Get a Life’ is truly a community-involvement event.”


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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