West Virginia Election Filings on Jan. 16, 2020

U.S. President (Republican)

Rocque “Rocky” DeLaFuente, San Diego

Donald J. Trump, Palm Beach, Florida

U.S. President (Democrat)

Bernie Sanders, Berlington, Vermont

Governor (Republican)

Jim Justice, Lewisburg

Governor (Democrat)

Ben Salango, Charleston

Ron Stollings, Danville

State Senate — District 2 (Democrat)

Carla Jones

House of Delegates — District 3 (Republican)

Dalton Haas

Brooke County

Timothy “Tim” Hooper (Democrat) — Commissioner

E. Robert Marks III — Board of Education

Hancock County

Rick Stead (Republican) — Sheriff

Ohio County

Charles Murphy — Magisrate (Division 1)

City of Wheeling

John Bishop — Council (Ward 1)

Rosemarie Ketchum — Council (Ward 3)


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