West Virginia Election Filings On Jan. 23

U.S. President (Democrat)

Michael Bennet, Denver

Tulsi Gabbard, Kailua, Hawaii

Deval Patrick, Richmond, Massachusetts

Andrew Yang, New York, New York

U.S. President (Republican)

Matthew John Mattern, Los Angeles

State Senate — District 2


Mike Maroney

Treasurer — Republican

Riley Moore, Harpers Ferry

Commissioner of Agriculture (Democrat)

WM J.R. Keplinger, Moorefield

Justice of the Supreme Court of Appeals — Division 3 (unexpired term)

Bill Schwartz, Charleston

Brooke County

Rob Robinson — Board of Education

Hancock County

David L. Robinson Jr. — Magistrate, Division 2

Marshall County

Eric B. Buzzard — Assessor (Democrat)

Ohio County

Michael Austen — Surveyor

Charlie Hercules — Board of Education

H. Scott Mumper — Board of Education

Karen Shuler Stakem — Board of Education

City of Wheeling

Peggy Niebergall — Council, Ward 3

Crissy Clutter — Council, Ward 4


Cindy Glasscock — Commissioner (Democrat)


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