Ace Garage Now Equipped to Handle More Calls with New Battery Truck

Ace Garage recently purchased a full-service battery truck to assist with the growing amount of calls the business is receiving. Pictured with truck, from left, are Russ Campbell, Don Atkinson and Ace Garage owner Brian Coyne.

WHEELING – The addition of a new full-service battery truck at Ace Garage is providing the long-time Wheeling towing and emergency road service the opportunity to handle more calls in the midst of a significant increase in road and bridge construction.

Located on Peninsula Street in the Fulton section of Wheeling, Ace Garage, an emergency road service provider for AAA, has offered fast professional light duty towing and road service for motorists traveling the roads of the Ohio Valley since 1954, according to new owners Brian and Rebecca Coyne.

The addition of the new “fully equipped” battery truck in December not only provides them the opportunity to service a variety of calls, it frees up the business’s remaining tow trucks for calls of disabled vehicles on local roadways.

“For AAA — we cover from the Brooke-Ohio County line to Fourth Street in Moundsville. So if you have a lockout, a jump start, a tire change, or you’re out of gas, we can send this truck, and it leaves the wreckers available for a disabled vehicle,” Brian Coyne explained.

Coyne said the addition of the new battery truck not only provides Ace Garage the ability to test automobile batteries and charging systems at someone’s home or business, it also provides them immediate access to the most commonly used batteries for quick installation. In addition, the truck offers much more passenger space than a typical tow truck.

Coyne said after they were approached by AAA about purchasing a new battery service truck, he said it made sense to offer the additional service with “all the construction and everything that is going on” in the valley. They have been testing approximately 50 batteries a month since purchasing the battery truck.

Long-time Ace employee Don Atkinson said they have been busier with calls since the start of a number of road projects in the local area, including the I-70 Bridges Project, which directs local traffic along National Road through the Fulton section of Wheeling.

“We’ve been here so long and we’ve done this so much, that we know all the shortcuts it takes to get there. But the traffic has made it a little more hectic for us,” Atkinson explained, while talking about responding to calls in the midst of all the local road projects.

Between Atkinson, Coyne and employee Russ Campbell, there are nearly 100 years of combined emergency road service experience.


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