Another Municipal Election in 2020 For Bethlehem

BETHLEHEM – The next election of city officials in the village of Bethlehem will take place on May 12 — primary election day in West Virginia.

Bethlehem last held a municipal election in the spring of 2019, with winning candidates serving just one-year terms.

But Bethlehem now will have elections on even numbers years in conjunction with county-wide elections, and those elected will serve two-year terms as they have following past elections.

There will be a contested race for mayor, where incumbent Don Junkins is being challenged by Charles “Chuck” Griffin.

Junkins previously served 32 years as recorder for Bethlehem before defeating Griffin for mayor in last year’s election.

There are are also contested races for council seats in the 3rd, 6th and 7th wards.

In the 3rd Ward, Guy Rayl faces Aaron Snider. The 6th Ward race sees Thomas Auten against Stephen Gulajski, and candidates in the 7th Ward are Randy Weisner and Stanley “Stacky” Wojcik.

Running unopposed for council seats are Bobby Henry in the 1st Ward; Mark Saseen in the 2nd Ward; and Stephen Harasuik in the 4th Ward.

No candidates filed in the race for the 5th Ward council seat.

Recorder Matthew Saseen — elected to his first term as recorder in 2019 — also will run unopposed.


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