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Belmont County Coronavirus Patient Being Treated at Wheeling Hospital

File Photo One of the people who tested positive for the novel coronavirus has reportedly been hospitalized at Wheeling Hospital, according to Belmont County’s deputy health commissioner.

One of the two people in Belmont County diagnosed with novel coronavirus COVID-19 has been hospitalized in Wheeling, according to Belmont County Deputy Health Commissioner Robert Sproul.

The two people, a man and a woman in their 50s, were apparently exposed while attending the Conservative Political Action Conference, a political event in Washington, D.C. late February, where a Cuyahoga County resident was exposed to and later tested positive for the virus. The couple and the people they have since been in contact with are under observation, with some recently cleared. State and county officials announced the two confirmed cases March 13.

“At this point, no new cases that we’ve been informed of, just the two positives still. We’ve had three people that finished their quarantine and were able to get out of quarantine,” he said.

“The rest of my group that I’m monitoring is out (today), and then we have a couple that will come out next week. … It’s all based on 14 days with their last contact with the positive person.”

However, one of the two positive cases is receiving more medical treatment in Wheeling.

“One development we have had is one of our positives had to go to Wheeling Hospital and he’s under their care right now, and I don’t have any other details beyond the fact that he is at Wheeling Hospital,” Sproul said.

“All I know is he was transported. He’s under their care is all I know,” he said. “Hopefully he just has something minor and they’ll be releasing him again.”

Thea Gompers, director of marketing and public relations at Wheeling Hospital, said no information could be provided about any patient and she could not confirm that the hospital is treating anyone with a positive case of the virus. Gompers has shared several of the hospitals new procedures put in place to continue operations.

These include setting up remote testing locations for patients with flu-like symptoms, deferring all elective, non-emergent surgeries, limiting visitations and closing the Howard Long Wellness Center. Non-essential meetings and events have been canceled and volunteers aged 60 and older are asked to stay home.

Since the onset of the virus in the United States, it has been declared a pandemic and a national emergency. In Ohio, eateries have been closed and public gatherings canceled or postponed, including the primary election that was to have taken place Tuesday.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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