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‘Home of the Brave’ Campaign Underway to Help Others

Health care workers shown with Home of the Brave signs are from left, Nicole Nolan, Jessica Galbraith, Victoria Ellison, Dr. Jessica Lucas and Clair Pockl.

WHEELING – There is not a person in the Ohio Valley who has not been touched by the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s all of us — those of us on the job delivering the mail, picking up the trash, working from home, parents schooling children at the kitchen table and the medical and safety personnel on the front lines.

With many out of work or going head-first into the fight against the virus, people here in Wheeling are wondering how they can help.

With social distancing mandates in place, in-person volunteering opportunities are out of reach and raising community awareness through events and fundraisers is impossible, said Chris Freeman at Raymond James Financial Services in Wheeling. As a result and after some brainstorming, project “Home of the Brave” has been instituted in an attempt to raise awareness and show appreciation to our frontline heroes — all from the comfort of our homes, Freeman said.

Here’s how it works. By donating $10 (or more) to Project “Home of the Brave,” you are contributing to the well-being of our health care workers, police department, fire department, city workers, delivery persons, grocery store employees and many, many others who venture out every day to provide critical services during this unprecedented time.

“Talking among friends we agreed, it was so frustrating … when there’s a flood you know what to do but this is different,” Freeman said. “I saw all those political signs in yards and I was hoping they would be gone by now so our signs would be the only ones.”

Freeman said they have 1,000 “Home of the Brave” signs donated by sponsors. They hope to raise $10,000 by selling the signs. He noted the money will be spent locally, utilizing local businesses as a win-win situation.

He said the full 100% of your donation will go toward providing food and necessary supplies to nourish and protect those on the front lines.

“The phrase ‘home of the brave’ is sung in our country’s … national anthem, ‘The Star-Spangled Banner.’ This phrase represents the patriotism that helped form our nation and its embodiment is continued with our front line heroes. They are today’s soldiers and they deserve our help and support,” Freeman commented.

Making this endeavor possible, too, are sponsors Carenbauer Distributing, Main Street Bank, Kalkreuth Roofing and Sheet Metal, Taylormade Printing and Raymond James–Wheeling Office.

When you donate $10 (or more), you are eligible to receive a sign to place in your yard to let all the frontline heroes know that you support them.

There are two ways to donate. Option one is donating to the GoFundMe page that can be accessed at www.gofundme.com/f/26003-home-of-the-brave. Please follow the instructions on the donation page to receive your yard sign. Option two is to mail a check made payable to “Home of the Brave” to 1144 Market Street, Suite 200, Wheeling, WV 26003.

If you include your address with the check, you will receive a yard sign.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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