HVAC Upgrades at Ohio County Schools Designed To Combat COVID-19

Pictured from left is Ohio County Schools Superintendent Kimberly Miller, Assistant Superintendent Rick Jones, Operations Director David Crumm and CMTA Energy Solutions Project Manager Jonathan Gasser. Gasser is shown explaining the needlepoint bipolar ionization process near an ionization unit at Wheeling Park High School.

WHEELING – Ohio County Schools officials are touting recent upgrades at several schools as an effective way in protecting students and staff from COVID-19, and those same improvements are being made throughout the system.

Needlepoint bipolar ionization units installed in 2019 at Elm Grove Elementary School, Middle Creek Elementary School and Wheeling Park High School have been found to be effective in combating the virus that resulted in a worldwide pandemic, according to a study by Innovative Bioanalysis.

Ohio County Schools officials were made aware of the findings by CMTA Energy Solutions Project Manager Jonathan Gasser. Ohio County Schools have partnered with CMTA in work taking place throughout the school system as part of the more than $40 million bond initiative approved by Ohio County voters in 2018.

“Needlepoint bipolar ionization promotes indoor air quality, and it adds an additional layer of protection,” Gasser said. “These units are effective against COVID-19. The science on past corona viruses revealed that this technology was effective at rendering it harmless at a rate of 99 percent. The information from Innovative Bioanalysis found that 99.4 percent of the specific COVID-19 virus was inactivated after 30 minutes, as a result of needlepoint bipolar ionization. Scientists may debate the exact details, but it has been shown many times that the ionization units work against coronaviruses and therefore works against COVID-19.”

Ohio County Schools Operations Administrator David Crumm said needlepoint bipolar ionization is now being installed at Triadelphia Middle School, Steenrod Elementary School and West Liberty Elementary School.

The needlepoint biopolar ionization will also be installed at Warwood School and Woodsdale Elementary School. Crumm is currently in discussions with Gasser about the possibility of adding the needlepoint bipolar ionization to the schools that do not have the system in place.

Ohio County Schools Superintendent Kimberly Miller said she was thrilled to learn that the HVAC work provided through the bond initiative will protect students and staff members. She said she is excited for students to return to the classrooms.

“There is nothing more important than the safety of our students,” she said. “This was such exciting news during a difficult time. Ohio County Schools is so grateful to the community for passing our bond initiative, and now it is paying off in more ways than we ever imagined. Our children need to be in school, and the HVAC work that is taking place in Ohio County Schools is making that more of a reality.”


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