S. Marshall Wilson, Independent Candidate for Governor, Visits Brooke County

Photo by Warren Scott – West Virginia Delegate S. Marshall Wilson, I-Berkeley, an independent candidate for West Virginia governor, shares his views and goals with local residents during a visit to Three Bridges Restaurant in Follansbee.

FOLLANSBEE – An independent candidate for West Virginia governor said too often resources are shipped away without the state fully capitalizing on them.

S. Marshall Wilson, who also is a state delegate from Berkeley County, said,” We’ve got wonderful timber here they ship to North Carolina to make furniture.”

Wilson said instead, the timber industry could support local furniture producers, just as the vast storage of natural gas in the state could lead to the development of West Virginia-based petrochemical, plastics and related businesses.

He said business growth in the state is hampered by excessive regulations and unfair taxes, including an inventory tax paid by businesses for equipment and materials for which taxes were paid when they were purchased.

“The idea that we would be so greedy to tax an item while it’s on a shelf and not being used,” Wilson said, adding, “Stop strangling the businesses and they will come.”

Wilson has proposed gradually phasing out all taxes on income and personal property and replacing them with sales taxes on goods other than food and medicine.

Asked about improving the condition of roads, he said before investing funds in new ones, the state should prioritize those that are unsafe because of slides and other conditions, followed by those with deteriorating surfaces. He said the cost to maintain new roads and bridges should be considered when planning them.

Wilson has questioned Gov. Jim Justice’s authority to order businesses to close because of COVID-19 and would oppose mandatory testing and vaccination for the virus, if proposed, because he believes it would violate citizens’ constitutional rights.

A native of Louisiana, he moved to West Virginia in 2017. A veteran of the Army and National Guard, he served in Afghanistan and was involved in relief efforts following Hurricane Gustav. He also was team leader of a Christian mission to Peru from 2005 to 2007.


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