Sarris Candies Makes National Splash

CANONSBURG, Pa. — TikTok users recently welcomed a sweet surprise from Canonsburg’s own Sarris Candies.

The video-sharing social media company gifted nearly 2,000 of its content creators across the nation with Sarris’ chocolate bash cakes – a tall order, but nothing Sarris couldn’t handle.

“It still surprises me the stuff that we do,” said owner Bill Sarris. “Every day we get custom orders like this.”

Sarris said someone from TikTok discovered Sarris Candies and decided to ship bash cakes to some of their users as a Halloween present.

“They saw the bash cakes that we make and they said, ‘Hey, can you do this for us and how quickly can you do it, because we want it for Halloween,'” Sarris said. “I guess they send out gifts often.”

The hollow chocolate cupcakes are filled with chocolate-covered pretzels. The individually delivered packages also included a small hammer with which to bash the cake. TikTok ordered 1,993 of them.

“We shipped them out all over the country, even Hawaii,” Sarris said. “Just about every state.”

It took them three weeks to make, package and ship the cupcakes, Sarris said. It was a tight time frame, he said, but it wasn’t an “exceptional” order. He said Sarris often receives large specialty orders that have to be shipped across the country.

“Every one of those is handmade,” Sarris said of the cakes. “It’s two pieces, filled with pretzels then sealed and decorated.”

Shipping can get complicated, especially when the candy is headed to warmer states. They shipped in cold packs or by next-day air, he said. TikTok paid for next-day air shipping, Sarris said, but he did honor the chocolate company’s policy that if the order equals a certain amount, shipping is free.

“This order put us on a national stage,” Sarris said. “You just can’t pay for that. It’s just great for us, because sometimes when people do a custom package, they don’t want our name on it. This one here, we’re front and center.”

As the bash cakes started arriving, the users posted TikTok videos of them bashing the cakes open and feasting on the chocolate. The Sarris Candies label can be seen in many of the videos, some of which went viral with over 3 million views.

“I was surprised that some people in the videos previously knew about Sarris Candies,” Sarris said.

It’s been “exciting,” he said, to watch people from across the country experience Sarris chocolate for the first time.

Sarris said TikTok has been sending them the videos, and they’ve been putting them on the Sarris Candies website.

“They said this is the best promo they’ve ever done,” Sarris said of TikTok. “We’re proud. Our employees are phenomenal. They do a really good job here, and they care about their work.”


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