Christopher Spring to Resume Water Flow in Coming Weeks Following Repairs

Photo Provided – Crews arrived last week to begin repairs to the Christopher Spring, located along Ohio 9 in Cadiz. Officials expect the spring to be back up and running for the public to enjoy in the next couple of weeks.

CADIZ – The Christopher Spring will remain temporarily out of service as renovations to repair it are underway.

Emily Wagner, owner of the Christopher Spring, said crews are working to make the necessary repairs to have the popular waterway back up and running for the community to enjoy in the coming weeks.

“It should be in the next couple of weeks,” she said.

In mid October, the spring’s constant flow suddenly stopped concerning many local residents that enjoy the spring’s cold and crystal clear water. Wagner said this was the first time it had stopped flowing in more than a century. The spring, located along Ohio 9, is a well liked spot for the community and those passing through.

After a camera was placed into the water lines it was discovered the pipe was broken in two areas along with some blockage. The spring’s water is collected from a pipe that flows the water into a trough located along the roadside.

“The initial finding was that there was some blockage and then we dug back into the hill a little bit and found it had been filtered in, so basically it just needed a really good clean out,” she said.

The repairs to the spring began late last week and are planned to continue on throughout next week.

Wagner said the spring is flowing but not at full capacity. The next step is to do some additional work to have the waterway fully developed and cleaned out.

“It is flowing now, but we don’t have it flowing into the trough yet because we’re still working to get the dirt out of the piping. Because of the work being done, it was running a little bit muddy,” she said.

Wagner said additional springs were discovered on the property so they are hoping to obtain a better flow for the channel. In the past few months prior to the stop in flow, the spring’s water pressure had been less robust than normal and the owners are hoping to have it rectified with the discovery of the additional springs.

Wagner said she will continue to provide the community with updates on the status of the spring through the Christopher Springs Farm Facebook page.


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