Demolition Project of Dilapidated Properties Underway in Wheeling

Photo by Scott McCloskey – Crew with Raze International Inc. of Shadyside demolish and remove two dilapidated houses located on 15th Street across from the J.B. Chambers Sports Complex as part of a demolition contract with the City of Wheeling.

WHEELING – A large demolition project focused on revitalizing neighborhoods throughout the city of Wheeling is underway as crews with Raze International Inc. of Shadyside are demolishing and removing three dilapidated houses on 15th Street as part of the project.

Raze International Owner Thomas Brown said his company began working last Monday on a contract with the city of Wheeling for the demolition of nearly a dozen properties in different locations around the city. Last week, his crews demolished and removed a dilapidated house in Warwood and one on Jacob Street as part of the contract.

This week Raze is working on three properties on 15th Street, two of which were located next to the former Clay School across the street from the J.B. Chambers Sports Complex.

Brown said the houses on this contract are positioned in locations that create a challenge to demolish.

“The houses being done right now are some of the worst ones that are so very hard to get to … but eventually they had to be done,” Brown explained. He said some of the houses are closely butted up against each other or other structures.

It was just last month council unanimously approved an ordinance authorizing City Manager Robert Herron to spend $395,837 with Raze International Inc. of Shadyside for asbestos abatement and demolition of more than a dozen dilapidated properties in different areas of the city. However, since that time, council agreed to to remove three properties from the list and the amount of the contract has been reduced to just over $302,000, according to Conrad

City Engineer Conrad Slanina.

Properties on the contract include: 22 Clearview Ave., 517 Warwood Ave. (damaged by fire), 11 Mt. Wood Road, 121 Kenny St., 131-14th St., 4005 Jacob St. (including a shed), 159 15th St., 161 15th St. (including a garage), 193 15th St., 1218 and 1220 Baltimore St.

Funding for the demolitions will come from the city’s Project Fund, which in recent months has been bolstered by federal funding through the CARES Act reimbursements.

Several council members have praised efforts to remove the dilapidated structures which they say is another step in revitalizing Wheeling’s neighborhoods.

Eric Ayers contributed to this story


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