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Ketchum Joins Grow OV to Lead Edible Mountain Project


WHEELING – Rosemary Ketchum will serve as the chief operations officer of the Edible Mountain Project with the support of Grow Ohio Valley.

In July 2020, Grow Ohio Valley was awarded a nationally competitive grant from the Healthiest Cities and Counties Challenge charged with reversing negative health outcomes for local youth residing in Wheeling’s urban core.

Edible Mountain is a place-based, holistic youth wellness coalition focused on overhauling the disproportionate poor health experienced by urban youth in Wheeling’s core. Priority areas include food and nutrition, physical fitness, creative and cooperative play, sense of community belonging, encounters with nature and artistic expression.

Located in East Wheeling, the coalition aims to make use of the urban farms, forest commons and recreational facilities on Vineyard Hill to create a youth-focused wellness campus within walking distance of most of Wheeling’s urban core.

Ketchum is a member of Wheeling City Council representing Ward 3 and was previously employed as associate director of the National Alliance on Mental Illness Drop-in Center. Ketchum graduated from Wheeling University in 2019 with a bachelor of science in psychology.

In this new position, Ketchum will work to build a coalition of team members supporting the mission of the Edible Mountain and facilitate the initiative’s ambitious goal to propel the youth of Wheeling’s urban core to become some of the healthiest children in West Virginia by 2025. The coalition is uniquely committed to leadership and representation from Wheeling’s youth. Volunteer opportunities for community collaboration include steering committee and working group positions tasked with assisting in the programmatic direction of the Edible Mountain.

Grow Ohio Valley is working to fashion a new economic landscape, one offering increased prosperity, improved health and a better environment.

“We have so many amazing organizations and agencies championing health in Wheeling,” said Danny Swan, cofounder of Grow Ohio Valley. “I’m really eager to see what we can accomplish by joining forces with a common goal to impact Wheeling’s urban youth. We couldn’t have found a better champion than Rosemary.”

For more information about Grow Ohio Valley or the Edible Mountain project, contact Ketchum at ketchumcommunity@gmail.com.


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