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West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey Wins Lawsuit Against Plumber

A Northern Panhandle plumbing contractor is now barred from doing any future home improvement work following a recent court order in a lawsuit filed by West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey.

The order permanently blocks Charles P. Waterman and his company, Waterman Plumbing LLC, from engaging in any capacity of plumbing or contracting work. It also requires Waterman to pay $14,133.72 in restitution.

The attorney general’s lawsuit had alleged Waterman violated the state’s consumer protection laws by accepting thousands of dollars for deficient and unfinished work.

“Contractors who don’t follow the law must be stopped,” Morrisey said. “Consumers deserve to get the services they pay for in a timely manner and satisfactory condition.”

The 2020 lawsuit, filed in Ohio County Circuit Court, alleged Waterman and his business victimized at least three residents in Wheeling, one of which paid $7,645 for a series of projects Morrisey described as substandard and incomplete.

The lawsuit tied Waterman and his business to Wheeling and a nearby address in Ohio. It alleged both defendants engaged in general contracting and plumbing work without a West Virginia business registration and operated without the required contractor or specialty plumbing license.

The lawsuit further alleged that the defendants did work for consumers without providing a written contract and failed to notify consumers of their three-day right to cancel service.

Waterman declined comment when reached Thursday evening.


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