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WVU Medicine Nurses Earn Awards for Excellence

WHEELING — Nurses from WVU Medicine members Wheeling Hospital, Harrison Community Hospital and the Continuous Care Center, as well as Wheeling Hospital’s Physician Practice Division, have received Nurse Excellence Awards as part of National Nurses Week.

National Nurses Week, May 6-12, focuses attention on the diverse ways America’s nurses work to save lives and to improve the health of millions of individuals. The American Nurses Association has designated this year’s theme as “Year of the Nurse” in honor of the vast contributions and positive impact of America’s 4 million registered nurses.

The observance coincides with the May 12 birthday of Florence Nightingale and is a celebration of her legacy as the founder of modern nursing.

“The theme for nurse’s week this year, ‘The Year of the Nurse,’ is very appropriate in light of COVID-19,” Kathy Stahl, vice president and chief nursing officer, said. “Nurses around the world have been at the forefront of this pandemic, and our nurses are no different. They have continued to provide excellent patient care throughout these very extraordinary times and truly are heroes. Nurses at Wheeling Hospital, CCC and HCH and across the WVU Medicine system have risen to the challenges and deserve so much recognition. I am so proud of our nursing staff and it is an honor to be their leader.”

Receiving recognition this week were RN Anthony Branch of Wheeling Hospital’s IMU; LPN Cassie Huggins of CCC; RN Heather Blatt of Radiation Oncology PPD; and RN Dana Ferguson of HCH.

Honored with Wheeling Hospital’s Lifetime Achievement Award was RN Lynn DeGasperis of the Surgical Center. DeGasperis graduated from the former Wheeling Hospital School of Nursing in 1972 and has worked her entire 49 years as a nurse at Wheeling Hospital.

Her career has included orthopedics, labor and delivery, including child birth class instructor, and the surgical center, where she has been the charge nurse for the past 11 years.

Also nominated for Nurse Excellence Awards from Wheeling Hospital were: Ashley Rankin, Kasee Porter, Samantha White, Lisa Sandy, Monica Yocca, Joann Burch, Jill Charley, Jennifer Milton, Sabrina Martin, Sharon Lucas, Kathy Shumate, Tammy Deleonardis, Emily Petersen, Peggy Dugan, Amanda Spano, Tyler Jordan, Cheryl Vicker, Karen Horton, Haylee Hess, Krista Baker, Brooke Preston, Aleshia Schramm, Deborah Blackstone, Allison Pratt, Sandy Habig, and

Taylor Sargent.

Another PPD nomination was Amy Marty. At CCC, the other nominees were Terri Arnold, Michelle McCort, Karlee Leonard, Jean Snedeker, and Danielle Habrick. Other nominations

went to Amanda Bednarczyk of Radiology and Melissa Phillips of Radiology PPD.

Also during National Nurses Week, Wheeling Hospital is treating treated its nurses to a variety

of special events, including deliveries of pizza, cookies and snacks. In addition, an ice cream

social for all employees is being held.


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