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Martins Ferry Pool Closer to Reopening

Photo by Shelley Hanson Shown here is the pump house where the mechanicals are located to run the Martins Ferry swimming pool. Pool Manager Bobbi Howard is hopeful the pool will reopen Sunday, but one more piece is needed to finalize the repair.

MARTINS FERRY — With much-needed repairs underway, the Martins Ferry city swimming pool is getting ready to reopen for the season soon.

While preparing the facility for the summer season during the past few weeks, pool officials discovered the pool’s pump and engine were not working. This led to them seeking a mechanic that could rebuild the engine, but a new pump had to be purchased, too. It was also discovered that some of the plumbing needed to be replaced as well.

The endeavor came together more quickly than anticipated, as at first officials thought it might be a month or longer before the pool could reopen for the season.

City Council approved paying for the work and parts, which cost $10,500. The work is underway and officials believe the pool could reopen this coming weekend.

“Awaiting the parts needed for city workers to install the pump. Hopefully by next weekend, we will be open. Opening day, whatever day it is, will be a free swim,” the pool’s Facebook stated on June 5.

In a message on the Rec Center’s voicemail, pool manager Bobbi Howard gave callers inquiring about the pool an update regarding the facility:

“The city is still working on installing the pump, as soon as it’s ready we will open,” she said.

Howard added Monday that they are hoping to open the pool as early as Sunday. She noted, however, there is one more piece needed to complete the project — a 5-inch flange — but it has been difficult for the city to find one to purchase.

Once the repair is complete it will take two or three days to fill the pool.

While some swimming pools across the Ohio Valley decided not open last season due to COVID-19 concerns, the Martins Ferry pool did open, following Ohio Department of Health guidelines. This included restricting the number of people who could be inside the facility to 100.

Last year, people were also asked to wear masks while not in the water.

This year, COVID-related mandates regarding pools have been lifted.

Health officials are still encouraging people to social distance, but people who are fully vaccinated are not being required to wear masks now. Still, some businesses are requiring people to mask up for now.

Howard said swimming pools are no longer under any COVID health-related mandates.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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