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MPR Transloading Announces $9.5M Investment in Bellaire Facility

MPR Transloading, in collaboration with JobsOhio, Ohio Southeast Economic Development, and Belmont County Economic Development, recently announced a $9.5 million investment that will include renovating and building 19,000 square feet of facilities, along with improving infrastructure at its Bellaire facility.

Infrastructure improvements will include utilities along with road and rail spurs on newly acquired acreage, providing for direct barge, train and truck transloading. The entire development process, including all infrastructure improvements, is expected to be completed by November 2022.

“As more companies realize the value of multi-modal transloading in Bellaire, Ohio, MPR’s growth has continued,” said MPR President Natalie Brown. “We secured land a half-mile south of our current transloading facility for business expansion. Funding was obtained from our local bank, but we knew land development would not be viable without JobsOhio’s support.”

The infrastructure improvements are being made with help through JobsOhio’s Ohio Site Inventory Program, including a $2 million OSIP Spec Development Loan and a $500,000 OSIP Spec Development Grant.

“Collaboration resulted in a successful effort to develop and revitalize this Bellaire property to be open for businesses and job creation before the end of next year,” said J.P. Nauseef, JobsOhio president and CEO.

The approximately 50-acre site is minutes from Interstate 70, located in the village of Bellaire in Belmont County in an area called the Guernsey Street Industrial Park.

The site is situated between industrial uses, the Ohio River and railways operated by NS and Wheeling & Lake Erie. Approximately 13 acres will be available near the Ohio River for transloading operations and laydown yards, an additional 9 acres for development, storage with facilities available for lease, and approximately 12 acres for site access and rail development. The properties have not been used for more than a decade. The primary development site was previously used as a block and brick plant and a coal loading facility.

“It’s exciting news to hear about the development of this tremendous river, rail, and highway property,” said Larry Merry, director of the Belmont County Port Authority. “It’s even more satisfying that this project is being done by Belmont County citizens, continuing to grow their business and grow the community.”

MPR Transloading is a multi-modal transload center that is a distribution Point to nearly two-thirds of the U.S. population that is reachable within a day’s transit.


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