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Plans for Fitness Center at The Highlands Sports Complex Put On Hold

WHEELING _ Plans to add a fitness center to The Highlands Sports Complex are on hold as current market construction costs continue to rise.

The Ohio County Development Authority had hoped to build the fitness center for under $3.2 million, according to County Administrator Randy Russell.

“Bids for the fitness center were over budget by a significant amount,” he said. “We have elected to put it on hold for a while until market conditions change.”

Russell said the price of construction materials just to put a project together is up 30%, while deliveries on structural steel can take close to a year.

The proposed two-story fitness center is to feature standards as fitness equipment, free weights and stationary bikes.

There are plans for a yoga studio that would include “hot yoga” classes. Saunas would be available, as well as a place for “ice cold baths.” Outdoor terraces would be lined with turf and serve as a place for social events.

A structure for the future fitness center was set in place as the sports complex was constructed.

For now, it will sit unfinished, according to Russell.

“We will be cleaning up the area, and making it look pleasing to the eye,” he said. “We will just wait and see. We’re going to talk to the board and the architect (Victor Greco) to see if something different can be done.”


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