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Beth Bertram Earns Community Service Award During Chamber of Commerce Dinner

Beth Bertram is presented with the Dr. David Ealy Community Service Award for a lifetime of service to her community. Pictured, from left, are Jodi Cunningham, Bertram, Zachary Blair and Scott Reager.

Editor’s note: The story has been revised to reflect the correct spelling of Bertram’s name. A photo including Bertram also has been added.

MOUNDSVILLE – A life in service to the community earned Beth Bertram a standing ovation at the Marshall County Chamber of Commerce dinner.

Bertram was honored with the Dr. David Ealy Community Service Award for her lifelong dedication to her community, from her work with children of many ages, her work to keep drivers certified in the county, and volunteering her time to help administer the COVID-19 vaccine in retirement.

“(Bertram ) has served our community in so many ways over the years,” said Jodi Cunningham, Chamber board president. “… Throughout all of these roles, she has aided many organizations and their efforts to support community service projects.”

Cunningham spoke of the numerous roles Bertram has held over the years. From her work as a bus driver and transportation director with Marshall County Schools, to certifying many CDL drivers statewide, Bertrand also served on the state board for bus drivers.

Bertram also volunteered countless hours to fundraisers, concession stands, and local programs to support student athletes, as well as Marshall County 4-H and FFA, member and president of the PTA, and as a member and president of Marshall County Fair Board. This is in addition to her role as member and president of the Chamber itself, and the myriad functions the Chamber puts on.

She also volunteers much of her time assisting the Marshall County Health Department with distributing vaccines at the COVID clinics, as well as working in the department itself.

Bertram said she was touched and honored to have been selected for the award.

“It’s an honor, and quite a surprise. I enjoyed all of it,” she said.

The Chamber presented the Lifetime Achievement Award to Main Street Bank, which opened its doors in 2001. Chamber Executive Director Scott Reager said Main Street Bank had been an invaluable partner for countless community events over their two decades in operation.

“They’ve provided countless support for Marshall County Schools, athletic programs, the Marshall County Fair, Strand (Theatre), local schools, and many other programs to benefit the citizens of Marshall County,” Reager said.

“Their community outreach is unwavering and undeniable, not just in Marshall County but in the Ohio Valley.”

The dinner also featured a panel of speakers including Craig White, executive director of the county Convention and Visitors Bureau, assistant schools superintendent Woody Yoder, RED president and CEO Josh Jefferson, and county commissioner John Gruzinskas. The event was catered by Bob’s Lunch.


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