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Project BEST Names Erikka Storch Executive Director


Del. Erikka Storch is leaving her job as president of the Wheeling Area Chamber of Commerce to become the first executive director for Project BEST.

Storch, R-Ohio, said earlier this week she had informed the chamber’s executive committee of her plans. She has held the job of chamber president since 2014.

“I will work with them on the transition. I’m not leaving soon,” Storch said. “I’ve enjoyed it at the chamber.

“People ask me where is the best place to eat or shop in Wheeling, and I always recommend chamber members first.”

Tanner Russell, chairman of the chamber’s executive board, said a search committee will be formed among chamber members to find a new executive director.

“Erikka will be difficult to replace,” Russell said. “She is very talented, and very good at what she does.

“As an organization we are very happy for Erikka. It’s a good move for her, and Project BEST is a wonderful organization.”

He said the chamber would like to have its next director in place “as soon as possible,” and Storch will remain on the job until that time.

“While Erikka has a contractual obligation to the chamber, we and Project BEST would like to see her involved with her current position,” Russell said. “We also want Erikka to be involved with the next steps for the chamber.

“She will remain until she finds someone to fill the role. She wants to see continued success there, and has volunteered to be a part of the process. It will be a challenge to find someone to replace her, and we hope it happens quickly.”

Prior to taking the job with the chamber, Storch served as CFO of her family’s business, Ohio Valley Steel Company, and was involved with Project BEST during that time.

Project BEST is a non-profit organization created by the Upper Ohio Valley Building Trades and the Ohio Valley Construction Employers Council to facilitate industry development and promote the Ohio Valley’s public and private construction.

The executive director’s job is a newly-created position, and its operations have always been overseen by two co-chairmen.

“We are excited to have Erikka become the first executive director of Project BEST,” said Jack Ramage, executive director of the OVCEC and management co-chair of Project BEST.

“Her experience in the construction industry, legislature and the Chamber will enable Erikka to hit the ground running,” added Jody Bonfini of the Eastern States Regional Council of Carpenters and, and labor co-chair of Project BEST.

As executive director, Storch will work closely with the Project BEST Board of Directors and staff to oversee the organization’s rebranding and continue to adapt to serve the Ohio Valley’s construction labor and management teams.

She was first elected to the West Virginia House of Delegates in 2010, and has served there since that time.


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