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St. Clairsville Businesses Get Into Fall Spirit With Decorating Contest

Marlee Wellman of Moundsville looks over the decorations at Three Labs Salvage in St. Clairsville. Businesses in the center of town are joining the effort. (Photo by Robert A. DeFrank)

Businesses in the city are showing Halloween and autumn spirit with festive decorations, and St. Clairsville Area Chamber of Commerce Director Wendy Anderson said all are welcome to participate in the annual decorating contest.

“We sent it out to everybody in and around town, and if they wanted to be in the running and wanted to have their business be judged, they were supposed to call us and let us know,” she said. “Anybody right now who would want to be judged, let us know.”

Recently, the chamber itself got in on the fun by placing corn stalks around the city light poles.

“I do want to thank Murphy Ridge Farms for the donation of over 200 cornstalks, and Kelly’s Suite II, too, because she donated 50 ribbons to go on the cornstalks,” Anderson said. “It took us under an hour to do it all. It was very much appreciated, all the help we got.”

Thanks also went to the St. Clairsville High School football team for helping with decorating.

Drivers and pedestrians can see fall colors and harvest imagery, as well as more spooky decorations marking Halloween. Anderson is in the process of selecting judges. The top decorators will receive prizes of $75, $50 and $25.

Participants had until Friday to get all their decorations up. The judging will take place next week. The winners will be announced Oct. 15 during Food Truck Friday.

Anderson said businesses from Porterfield’s Drive Thru Farm & Garden at the east end of the city to Plaza West have Halloween or fall-themed decorations on display.

“So far we have a lot. We have the majority of town, a lot of people in downtown,” she said. “Downtown St. Clairsville has really stepped it up. … Response overall has been awesome.”

She added this will also be a lively welcome for newcomers.

“All we want is to represent St. Clairsville and to show that we have the fall spirit, so when people get off the highway and come through town, we want them to see that sense of hometown and being decorated by fall colors,” Anderson said. “The idea is to drive people to our businesses here in town.”

Businesses will keep decorations up through Nov. 5, when the city will begin to prepare for the Christmas parade, set for 4 p.m. Nov. 21.


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