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‘Bellaire Business Dash’ To Help Kick Off Holiday Season

Photo by J.D. Long The City Park In Bellaire readies for the holidays. It will host a drawing as a result of residents doing a business dash to area shops, making the shoppers eligible for that drawing.

The week of Dec. 12-17 should see a flurry of activity with willing participants scampering from business to business in the village of Bellaire.

The event is titled the Bellaire Business Dash and ends on Dec. 18 with a drawing at Bellaire Park. The drawing is for all the participants who visited the businesses that chose to be a part of the event where they will validate the people who come to those stores.

Dennis Delbert, a member of the Bellaire Business Alliance said the participants don’t actually have to buy anything, but they do have to enter the store and get validated to make them eligible for the drawing.

“They will sign off on you being there, and then you would take that application … and everyone would sign off on their store,” Delbert said of the process of visiting the area stores within Bellaire.

“There’s going to be some Christmas caroling going on. … We’re taking donations for the First Christian Church here and the First United Methodist Church,” he said.

One donation would be for the Methodist soup kitchen, while scarves, gloves or hats would go to the First Christian Church.

Those donations will also be taken from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Dec. 18. Delbert wasn’t exactly sure how much the drawing would come to, but he speculated that if everyone on their list plus others they’ve spoken to about the event comes through with a $25 gift certificate, for example, it could reach as much as $800 to possibly $1,000.

“You have one drawing, one winner and that will be it,” Delbert said, adding that this began back in the spring with help from some local people and the Community Improvement Corp. after attempts were made to come up with a chamber of commerce, which became defunct a few years ago and the BBA eventually came out of.

“And actually, this kind of came up at (the) last spur of the moment,” Delbert said. “We’ve been trying to do some things, but this was one of the things. … The idea was formed from a member of the Ohio Valley Rehab, which led to a group forming around 25 to 35 representatives of Bellaire’s local businesses.

“It was a pretty good idea, it gets people to shop. Everything’s going to be Bellaire. Everything’s going to be local,” he said, which means all the donations would stay in Bellaire with the two churches involved.

The stores participating in the dash that the public will need to visit are: Gulla’s Restaurant, Dvorak & Son, Vivid Graphix, Valley Wellness and Valley Rehab, Unique Treats by Jacquie, Lil Gerardos, WSL Designs Boutique, Kroger, MOS Office Systems, Lindsay Maynard Realtor, Belmont Savings Bank, The Barn Furniture, ICR, The Runner’s Connection, Escape Zone, Hornswogglers, MacSnaps Photography and Bellaire Party Center.


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