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Bordas & Bordas Teams With Steelers

The law firm of Bordas & Bordas used the Pittsburgh Steelers’ ability to get to the quarterback to make a big difference for Ronald McDonald House.

The firm donated a total of $33,500 to the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Pittsburgh in conjunction with its “Sacks for Kids” partnership with the Pittsburgh Steelers this past season.

Bordas & Bordas donated $500 to the Ronald McDonald House for every sack made by the Steelers defense this year, including the preseason, regular season and postseason. The Steelers ended the season with a total of 67 sacks. Their 55 sacks during the regular season led the NFL.

“At Bordas & Bordas, we feel it is important to give back to the organizations in our community,” managing partner Jamie Bordas said. “Seven years ago, we partnered with the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Sacks for Kids program. It is fun for us as a firm not only to count the number of sacks but also to root for more because it allows us to provide philanthropic support to the Ronald McDonald House and help families be as comfortable as possible during a difficult time.”

The Ronald McDonald House is a charity designed to help families with children being treated in a medical center. The organization has local chapters in more than 64 countries and regions. It often provides housing and meals at little or no cost so families can focus on care and togetherness rather than worry about the rising costs of hotels and travel.

“It was exciting to watch the Steelers lead the league in sacks, to see T.J. Watt tie the record for most sacks in an NFL season, and to know that all the while families are benefitting from it,” Bordas said. “We are so happy to be able to help people throughout the region in such a unique way and it is one of my favorite things about our partnership with the Pittsburgh Steelers.”


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