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Ex-Wheeling Police Officer Indicted on Sex Abuse Charges


A former Wheeling policeman has been indicted on 12 counts relating to his alleged sexual abuse of a child.

Jonathan Q. Wiles, 28 of Wheeling, had been arrested in December and charged with three counts each of first-degree sexual assault, first-degree sexual abuse, and sexual abuse by a guardian. On Jan. 10, an Ohio County grand jury returned indictments on those nine charges, plus three additional counts of incest.

Due to his indictment, Wiles’ preliminary hearing set for Wednesday morning was vacated.

He remains at the Northern Regional Jail in lieu of $90,000 bond, where he has been since his initial arrest in early December.

Wiles had been a member of the Wheeling Police Department until the charges came to light, and his employment ended Dec. 6, immediately after Police Chief Shawn Schwertfeger said he became aware of the charges.

According to court documents, Wiles is accused of having sexually abused a girl, who was around 8 years old. The girl had left a note begging for help which was found by a woman who informed the police.

When questioned, Wiles allegedly confessed, admitting to having molested the girl, adding that he was “in a dark place” at the time and claiming that he was sick and needed help. On a separate occasion, Wiles is alleged to have sent a long-winded text to the woman who reported the abuse, again admitting his guilt, among other things. At a later interview, Wiles allegedly described himself as “a monster.”


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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