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Hancock County Schools Plan To Launch New Website

NEW CUMBERLAND — Hancock County Schools will launch an updated website in the coming days, which officials feel will be more user-friendly and informative.

The Hancock County Board of Education received a presentation on the new website Monday from Steve McKinney, director of technology, during the board’s meeting.

“There are a lot of moving parts,” McKinney said, noting the district’s old website is still up, but the new one could be in place by the end of the week, pending a final review by the state.

Among the features of the new site, each school will have its own area, which can be updated by a designated individual to keep parents and the community informed about activities, reports and more.

“There will be no intervention from us,” McKinney said.

In addition, the site will feature an interface with social media, as well as mobile apps, to send notices about school delays or cancellations or other important information. The apps, available through both Google and Apple stores, will be used for district notices, McKinney explained.

There also will be a calendar of events and designated sections for the school board and administrative operations, as well as district policies and more, with a design officials feel will be easier to use than the current site.

“We’re trying to make it so you don’t have to search through three or four buttons,” Superintendent Dawn Petrovich said.

Several of the board members offered comments about the need for an update, noting some areas, including for the individual schools, appear not to have been updated for at least a year.

Member Michelle Chappell asked if any other counties in West Virginia have used a similar website interface design. Petrovich stated at least 29 county districts have switched to what is being worked on for Hancock County.

Those include Ohio, Jackson, Wood and Randolph counties, she said.

Board President Danny Kaser noted he already had downloaded the mobile application, and had received a notice for the school delays and cancellations in recent days because of the snow.


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