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‘Logan’s Legacy’ Honored at Youth Services System Blood Drive in Wheeling

photo by: Photo by Derek Redd

Dara Pond of Moundsville shares a laugh with Kaitlyn Weber of the American Red Cross, as Pond donates a unit of blood Thursday at the Youth Services System's Hazel Atlas Building during a blood drive held in the memory of Logan Fluharty.

Tanya Duncan remembers her late son Logan Fluharty as a kind soul, someone who kept others in his mind and heart no matter what he was personally dealing with. Even as he fought and ultimately passed away from leukemia, she said, that spirit was strong.

On Thursday, members of the community made their way to Youth Services System’s Hazel Atlas Building to donate blood to support the Logan’s Legacy Cancer Foundation, which was created to fight cancer and honor Fluharty’s memory.

Duncan, a residential manager at the Tuel Center, part of the YSS Transitional Living Program, said they expected to get about 40 units from Thursday’s drive.

“It’s inspiring,” she said, “and its inspiring to see that our community is coming together and they’re coming out here, not just in the memory of him, but to give back to potentially be saving somebody’s life.”

Fluharty was diagnosed in April 2020 with B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia. After remission, he underwent a bone marrow transplant in November 2020. In March 2021, Fluharty relapsed and he died on Aug. 1, 2021 at age 18.

During his treatment, Fluharty received more than 100 blood and platelet products. Earlier this year, Duncan came to YSS staff to see if they would co-host a blood drive. Tucker Riggleman, YSS digital media and communications coordinator, said there was no doubt the organization would help.

“When Tanya reached out, we were really happy to help,” he said. “To help with something like this is extra special when it’s within the YSS family. And it’s something that helps other people. So anything we could do to help honor Logan’s memory, we’re happy to help.”

Duncan said that donating blood was just one way community members could do something in honor of her son.

“He always thought about others, so just giving back to anybody that you can and helping out when you see there’s a need would help,” she said. “Whether its blood, platelets, even donating to a cancer center pediatric floor, just to give kids something to do while they’re there. That will help out, too.”


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