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WVU Medicine Wheeling Hospital Lauded for Cardiovascular Care

Photo Provided - Shown with the Get With the Guidelines award are, from left: Emergency Department Medical Director C. David Burkland, MD; Regina Miles-Shealey, RN; Clinical Chart Reviewer Connie Heath-Powell; Vascular Neurologist Sneha Jacob, MD; Stroke Center Coordinator Lucas Burkhardt, NP; Emergency Room Director Heather Merkel; CT Scan Supervisor Jamie Meneely; and Amber DePasquale, RN.

WVU Medicine Wheeling Hospital has received three American Heart Association Get With The Guidelines achievement awards for demonstrating commitment to following up-to-date, research-based guidelines for the treatment of heart disease and stroke, ultimately leading to more lives saved, shorter recovery times and fewer readmissions to the hospital.

Every 40 seconds, someone in the U.S. has a stroke or heart attack, and heart disease and stroke are the No. 1 and No. 5 causes of death in the U.S., respectively. Studies show patients can recover better when providers consistently follow treatment guidelines.

Get With the Guidelines puts the expertise of the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association to work for hospitals nationwide, helping ensure patient care is aligned with the latest evidence- and research-based guidelines.

“Wheeling Hospital is committed to improving care by adhering to the latest treatment guidelines and streamlining processes to ensure timely and proper care for heart attacks and strokes,” hospital President and CEO Douglass Harrison said. “The Get With The Guidelines program makes it easier for our teams to put proven knowledge and guidelines to work on a daily basis, which helps us ensure more people in our region experience longer, healthier lives.”

This year, Wheeling Hospital received these achievement awards:

– Get With the Guidelines – Stroke Gold Plus

– Target: Stroke Honor Elite

– Target: Type 2 Diabetes Honor Roll

Luke Burkhardt, Stroke Center coordinator, said, “The ways in which our stroke program continues to evolve and adapt is both exciting and motivating. We take great pride in providing the highest level of stroke care while optimizing the care processes throughout our organization.

“I’ve been very fortunate throughout my tenure as our hospital’s stroke coordinator to have had the full support of our administrators and leadership. This foundation has allowed us to implement policy, procedure and utilize resources that most benefit our specific hospital. Our potential for continued growth and improvement has been greatly enhanced since becoming an official member of WVU Health System.”

Get With the Guidelines is the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association’s hospital-based quality improvement program that provides hospitals with the latest research-based guidelines. Developed with the goal of saving lives and hastening recovery, Get With The Guidelines has touched the lives of more than 12 million patients since 2001.

“I could not be more proud of the work and dedication of our nurses, physicians and associated staff members,” Burkhardt said. “Without them, there is no opportunity for success, let alone sustained success. The importance of these team members cannot be overstated. For us to not only maintain our quality of care standards, but to exceed the prior year’s efforts, is truly outstanding.

“Ultimately, the goal of our stroke program is to positively impact the well-being and trust of those within our community. These awards exemplify our commitment to stroke care and confirm our sustained improvement in our care processes.”


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