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Belmont County Animal Rescue League Closing Rescue Operations; Cats Need Homes

photo by: Robert A. DeFrank

Elsa, one of the two cats still housed at the Belmont County Animal Rescue League, is in need of a new home. BCARL is closing rescue operations due to financial and staffing shortages.

The Belmont County Animal Rescue League is closing rescue operations due to finance and staff shortages, and today is the deadline for adopting out all the adult cats. The agency had placed an “urgent” call for adopters on Facebook.

A worker at BCARL said a number of staff have left, possibly for other opportunities.

Jess Jacob, volunteer at the BCARL headquarters on U.S. 40, elaborated, saying the agency had adopted out most of the adult cats by Thursday.

The public responded to the call for new homes. As of today, the remaining cats are Elsa, and the “office cat” Barney.

“We’re down to, I think we’re just going to have kittens left and for the most part found everybody homes. We have two adult cats left, our kittens are all in foster homes so they’re fine, they’re just not ready to be adopted yet,” Jacob said. “I hope we still get in some more applications, and we will need more adopters when the kittens are ready.

“Right now we have 10 kittens,” she said, adding those interested in adoption can visit BCARL’s Facebook page. “We have them posted there, we also have Petfinder. … Once they’re old enough, we’ll get them spayed and everything is covered under the adoption fee, which is $50. All the cats are in great health, all the kittens … a couple of them will have to have eye surgery, but once they do, they will be adoptable.”

Jacob said the future of BCARL will still include some services such as spaying and neutering. She added there are only a handful of staff members. The fate of the vehicle and property remains to be decided, but Jacob doubts BCARL will be able to go back to taking in animals.

According to a press release from BCARL, the agency is “not going away,” but it was necessary to change the scope of services to remain financially viable. The COVID-19 pandemic has made fundraising difficult, and the Belmont County Board of Commissioners has curtailed much funding to nonprofits.

BCARL is located at 50580 National Road East, and can be reached at 740 782 9712.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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