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Dalton Haas of Wheeling Accused of Writing Bad Checks, Receiving Stolen Property


A Wheeling man has been arrested for allegedly passing bad checks and receiving stolen property – 34 signs that were advertising a recent cultural festival in the city.

Dalton C. Haas, 26, of 4 Carol Ave., Wheeling, was arrested Tuesday evening outside of Figaretti’s restaurant after officers obtained a warrant Monday for his arrest for allegedly passing two bad checks.

According to a criminal complaint, in May Haas allegedly wrote two checks for work completed on a 2015 Lexus belonging to someone else at Robinson Collision. However, when the business tried to cash the checks they were alerted by the bank the checks were no good. One check was for $1,000 to cover the deductible and another was for $3,290, which was the original insurance check amount.

“When the body shop attempted to cash the two above listed checks, they were advised by WesBanco that it was not a valid account, that it had been closed,” according to the complaint.

Haas has been charged with felony fraudulent schemes related to checks.

Wheeling Police Department spokesman Philip Stahl said the Haas did not happen quickly because, “Investigations and evidence gathering can take time to process.”

In a separate matter, Haas was also charged with misdemeanor receiving or transferring stolen goods after 34 signs advertising the Lebanese Festival were allegedly found in the trash outside of his residence. This second charge was signed by Ohio County Magistrate Joe Roxby Wednesday morning.

On Aug. 6, one of the festival’s organizers reported to police that about 40 signs advertising the festival had been taken along National Road. Each sign was worth about $18. The organizer said she put 20 more signs out to replace some of those stolen. However, those signs ended up being taken as well, bringing the total amount of signs taken to 60.

At about 10 a.m. Aug. 15, a Wheeling police officer met with an FBI agent and told him about the stolen signs before driving to Haas’ home.

“We then proceeded to Dalton’s residence where we located approximately 34 Lebanese Festival signs outside in the trash,” according to the complaint.

Wheeling Police Department Spokesman Philip Stahl said Wednesday that Haas is still incarcerated at the Northern Regional Jail.


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