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Moundsville City Manager Honored

photo by: Alan Olson

Moundsville's city council is awarded the All Star Community Award from the W.Va. Municipal League. Pictured, from left, front row, are mayor Judy Hunt and Sara Wood-Shaw. Back row, from left, are Gene Saunders, Randy Chamberlain, Ginger DeWitt, city manager Rick Healy and Dave Wood.

MOUNDSVILLE – Recent efforts around town have not gone unnoticed, and Moundsville’s city leaders returned from a recent state conference with accolades and acclaim to show for it.

Both the city and city manager were recognized with awards at the recent West Virginia Municipal League conference in Morgantown. The town as a whole was awarded the All Star Community Award for council’s recent renovations and improvements to the East End Playground; additionally, city manager Rick Healy was awarded the Quiet Strength award, recognizing him for his advocacy of Moundsville, participation in the Municipal League, and dedication to his city.

Both awards were handed to the city Tuesday evening by Travis Blosser, who serves as executive director for the municipal league.

“These awards aren’t given lightly – a lot of cities make improvements to parks, but I don’t think anyone … has done like what the city of Moundsville has done,” Blosser said. “… A lot of the transformative changes that you’re making in this community are going to pay dividends for decades to come.”

In addition to the park improvements, Blosser said Moundsville’s social media team had done a great job spreading the word on the city’s accomplishments.

photo by: Alan Olson

Moundsville's city manager Rick Healy, left, and mayor Judy Hunt, right, are recognized with awards from the W.Va. Municipal League, represented center by executive director Travis Blosser.

Healy was given the Quiet Strength award for his high level of participation with the League, and whose constructive feedback makes him an asset for both the city and the state.

“The point is that the individual is not quiet with the League; they’re active, engaged, and tells us what we need to know, what we need to do better on, and what things are doing OK,” Blosser said. “It’s great to get compliments, but we need to hear the real truth. If we don’t have active and engaged members, we don’t succeed.

“Seeing that, but also seeing the work that Rick is doing in this community, it was an extreme honor on my part to be able to present that. Not only is it a reflection of the work you’ve done with us in the League, but it’s a reflection of the work you’re doing here in Moundsville,” he added. “It’s a reflection on your governing body, and on your staff as a whole.”

Both Healy and Mayor Judy Hunt said they were completely blindsided by the awards, and further agreed that they were beside themselves with pride and joy at having been so recognized.

“There are always special memories during one’s lifetime that you want to tuck away in your heart and carry with you,” Hunt said. “This was certainly one of those moments to remember – the excitement and delight that all of us felt and shared when the announcements were made.”

“I’ve been the city manager for three-and-a-half years, and never really dreamed that I would even be considered for something like this prestigious,” Healy said. “It’s the work that you do, day in and day out, to assist the Municipal League with their work during the legislative session …

“What we’re doing is showing,” he continued. “People are seeing that Moundsville is being progressive, that things are changing for the better here, and that really makes it worthwhile.”


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