Russia’s War at 6 Months: Danger Growing to Global Economy

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MECKENHEIM, Germany (AP) — Martin Kopf needs natural gas to run his family’s company, Zinkpower GmbH, which rustproofs steel components in western Germany. Zinkpower’s facility outside Bonn uses gas to keep 600 tons of zinc worth $2.5 million in a molten state every day. The metal will ...

Men of Change Help Celebrate a New School Year in Wheeling


From left, Bridge Street Middle School teachers Julie Schultz, Karin Butyn and Heather Vickers man a table for free books for students at the Men of Change back-to-school celebration Saturday at Tunnel Green. Families enjoyed food, bounce houses and music, while being able to pick up books and ...

Polio Cases Reveal Rare Risk of Oral Vaccine

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LONDON (AP) — For years, global health officials have used billions of drops of an oral vaccine in a remarkably effective campaign aimed at wiping out polio in its last remaining strongholds — typically, poor, unstable corners of the world. Now, in a surprising twist in the decades-long ...

Court Puts on Hold Graham’s Testimony in Georgia Election Probe

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ATLANTA (AP) — A federal appeals court on Sunday agreed to temporarily put on hold a lower court’s order requiring that U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham testify before a special grand jury that’s investigating possible illegal efforts to overturn then-President Donald Trump’s 2020 election loss ...

Many Still Seeking Food, Shelter a Year After Haiti Quake

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LES CAYES, Haiti (AP) — The cinderblock home with a tin roof that Erline Castel and Dieunord Ernest rented was among the more than 130,000 houses damaged or destroyed by a powerful earthquake that struck southern Haiti last year, killing more than 2,200 people. In the days after the ...

DeWine Makes Stop at Jefferson County Fair

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Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine shares a moment with Jace Wojtas and his mother, Marci Colantoni-Wojtas, Saturday before the start of the annual parade at the Jefferson County Fair at Friendship Park in Smithfield. Jace is the grandson of the late Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdalla. Abdalla, who ...